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A common name for the one known as Ben. also refered to as 'Benji', 'Clampy' and 'McPhearson'. This primitive form of humanity is usually over-productive and a good worker, but is easilly distracted and instantly aroused by the sight, smell, sound, touch and/or taste of clamps. Be it innocent or self-induced, this alfa-male will pounce and initiate in it's mating tactic with said clamp. this tactic involves hoofing. (see hoof). He is equally aroused by horses, but only some. no-one has ever tried to exposed the subject to both clamps and horses simaltaniously, but tests have shown that an expected explosion would occur in the crotch of the test subject. Common signs of the Clampy McHorseboy are a smug attitude towards everything, a knack for always being right, and to a greater extent, several cheese-like tendencies. You have been warned - do not approch said Horseboy - especially from the rear.
"Ahhh! It's Clampy McHorseboy!"
by Dr. Tubb April 13, 2004
1. A Word you shout and/or scream in a loud manner at public events such as football games

2. The Action of Shouting 'Hoof' in someone's unsuspecting ear: 'to hoof'
'if you don't shut up i'm gunna hoof you so bad'
by Dr. Tubb April 11, 2004
A Mystical Being, not unlike a ma but it uses it's force for good, rather than evil. it is the human race's only weapon against the ma culture.
No much is known about this mystical being, other than it's 'R' shaped body and it tentative knack for being both mystical, and resembling some sort of being.
Quick - release the Goopers

We'll get you Ma's, us, and our Goopers!
by Dr. Tubb April 11, 2004

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