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An awesome M.C., who died a tragic death in 1998, robbing the world of another artist.

I'm a mexican guy, and ladies call me a "fluffy gordito", and I also rap a lot. Big Pun was one of my many inspirations to get into rapping, and it's due to him and others that my skills are coming so well along.
Props to Big Pun, may he rest in peace.
by Dr. Tony April 14, 2004
(This is an add-on to the definition provided by Brandon. Thanks, bro~~ Dr. Tony)

ASLer is a term denoting a subspecies of humans. While they retain human characteristics like emotion, they fall short in many categories necessary to consider them full blown humans.
ASLers operate similar to cavemen, or, more modernly, wolves. They have a pack mentality, which assists them in achieving their main goals: pissing off other people in chat rooms and all over the internet, and having torrid sessions of badly-spelled cybersex.
The pack mentality assists these goals by making it impossible to simply pick off one ASLer with one of the strongest weapons against them, polysyllabic words. When one ASLer is attacked, the rest of the pack will use tactics like flooding the room or bailing en masse to save their asses.
The ASLer does not only exist in chat rooms; most n00bs in online games are, in fact ASLers. However, this is not a safe assumption; even the best players were once n00bs, so they are obviously all not of the subspecies.
The best offense against an ASLer is to simply not pay attention to them, although that will soon become harder and harder, as every airheaded cheerleader and down-on-his-luck skateboarder learns to use a computer.
MTV is a beacon the ASLers swarm around, like flies to a fire. MTV makes billions. God save us all.
by Dr. Tony January 16, 2005
A term similar to booyah, used primarily by No*Doubt (Retarded_Spoon) of E-Crush, as well as by old ladies. Usage is spreading throughout the more educated members of the E-Crush population however, which has spurred the growth of a new derivative, "wa cha".
No*Doubt: I just wiped the floor with your ass!
No*Doubt: Ha cha!
by Dr. Tony January 17, 2005
A term used in place of words like "rubbish", "bloody hell", or "yeah right". Invented by Elizabeth T. and spread throughout the Earth.
Jeff told me he was with his girlfriend last night, but I know it to be naught but hornswaggle. I saw him giving that man a BJ.
by Dr. Tony January 17, 2005

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