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Another word a pill containing 10 mg. Of hydrocodone and 325 mg. Of acetomenophin. Also called Norco
{Ring ring}
"Whatsup with the yellows?"
"Cool save me a hundred."
"Fo show, peace."
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 28, 2009
When one pulls out a weapon to get another person to do something sexually with them.
"I kept sayin no and pushin him away and then that nigga pulled out the baltimore mistletoe and I had to fuck him."
by Dr. Todd Reezee March 06, 2009
A term used to describe a type of marijuanna normally called OG kush
"I got an optimo full of that Bobby Johnson. You wanna get faded?"
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 25, 2009
One eigth of a kilo, or four and a half ounces of whatever you're talking about.
"I started with a ball and next thing I knew I was C.O.D. on a 125."
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 28, 2009
1. Those who spend their hard earned money on small quantities of drugs, over and over again.
2. Everyday drug addicts

3. The people who keep your pockets filled with 50s and 100s.

4. Customers
The type of person who buys two grams and says that they're, "trying to take it easy tonight." Than calls again at 3:30 a.m. and asks for another gram. Then your forced to say, "See! Why didn't you just get a ball?!!!"

"Fuckin dummies! Jesus christo!" Then your girl gets pissy cuz you woke her up and have to run down the street at 4am. But daddys gotta get that cash. M.O.B.
by Dr. Todd Reezee February 03, 2009
A slang term for PCP or sherm. It is smoked by dipping a cigarette, joint, or blunt into a jar of the chemical sustance.
"Where dat nigga baby hubcap at?"

"Aww he went down to Watts PJs to get a couple sticks a dat wet cuzz!"
by Dr. Todd Reezee January 28, 2009
When a woman gets an air pocket in her vagina during intercourse and the man continues to have sex with her, even harder to really make the fart and suck sound get louder and louder until he cums inside and pulls away after to watch the giz blow out with the air like unclogging a pipe.
"She started to try and cover up the fart noises coming from her vagina by moaning while I was giving her the pasadena plunger."
by Dr. Todd Reezee March 06, 2009

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