15 definitions by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD

poop that comes from your bunghole and stuff
Dad - "Who left the stinky brown fish swimming in the toilet bowl all night?"

Kid - "Uh... you're an asshole dad..."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD April 02, 2007
The three men that god sent to earth to save our souls, Don Knots, Don Rickles, and Don Johnson.

Don Knots represents ultimate wisdom.
Rickles reminds us to be humble in the face of god.
Don Johnson represents the ultimate beauty, and is a symbol of the power of god.
After the passing of the three Dons the souls of the just will go to heaven while the souls of the wicked will burn in eternal damnation.
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD March 16, 2007
Someone ripe in the art of certificatation
Woman: "Let's fuck"

Certificatologist: "Say what?"

Woman: "Not you"

Certificatologist: "Then who"

Woman: "The midget"

Midget: "Let's roll yo!"
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD May 12, 2006
A bizarre Amazonian sex act that is performed with a hermaphrodite and a midget who pees on your face.
Certificatologist: "Hola muchacho"

Midget: "Amazonian Tripod?"

Certificatologist: "Si muchacho..."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD June 20, 2006
Acronym for I'm gonna beat yo' ass beotch
Johnson - "Igbyab!"

Bob - "What did I do?"

Johnson - "Tony Danza?"
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD April 02, 2007
same thing as a fuck wad, pronounced "foo-quad"
You're a fuquad, bitch! I feel sorry for your moms, bitch! Say hello to my little friend you fuquad bitch! (bang, bang, bang...)
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD February 03, 2006
A place where men with homosexual tendencies (but they are afraid to admit it) go to rub their dicks on each other, and occasionally gang rape an unsuspecting girl who happens to be standing too close to the melee.
BillyBob: "I liked that mosh pit. It made me feel all funny like when I climb the rope in gym class."

Sheep: "Bhaaaaa..."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD March 16, 2007
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