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Two men having sex with one girl at the same time. More dirrectly one entering in her mouth and the other one in her gina or her anus. AJapanese finger cuff should only be proformed by people you don't care about or sluts.
#1 This chik was so hot for me and my friend so we pulled a japanese finger cuff.

#2 I walked in on this couple having sex and they asked me if I ever had a japanese finger cuff. Now I have.
by Dr. Stinkyfinger April 21, 2010
Pushing ones boner to one side to the point it cracks like when you crack your knuckles. Cracking the wood dose not lead to E.D.D.
#1 I started cracking the wood during sex and I blew hard and I felt weak at the knees.

#2 My girlfried was cracking the wood as she gave me a hummer. Aaawwwhh snap.
by Dr. Stinkyfinger April 21, 2010

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