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An ancient musical instrument (perhaps the first), where the player buzzes near or on the vagina. Different pitches are created by altering the embouchure. It was replaced, for tonal reasons, with horns of animals and eventually brass. Although this instrument is no longer accepted as a legitimate musical instrument, studies have shown it is increasing in popularity in cults and tribes of primitive peoples around the world. Curiously, practicing the instrument can bring pleasure to the instrument causing a unique interaction between player and instrument.
The tone of the vagiphone is different from a trumpet or trombone but pitches, scales and tunes can be created to be enjoyed by all involved.
by Dr. Stephen V. Smith May 15, 2010
The collection of muscles around the mouth, mostly used in music circles, especially wind instruments.
I practice the vagiphone every day to strengthen my embouchure.
by Dr. Stephen V. Smith May 17, 2010

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