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2 definitions by Dr. Snoball

The ideal abdominal muscle status in which abs make V reaching the pubic area. A person's entire chest and lower abdomen must be shaved and their pants low cut as they stand shirtless. Standard issue for any self-respecting, shallow, arrogant ass who models for A&F.
ant: Member's Only "U"
I do a thousand crunches every day, my girlfriend/boyfriend is gorgeous, I have the Abercrombie "V", and people all want to be me! I am the shit.....whaaa... OH... personality? WHO NEEDS PERSONALITY?!... I will always have my looks to get me through life.
by Dr. Snoball November 26, 2003
The lower abdominal muscles of an out-of-shape or overweight person, or any standard, regular beer drinker. Described as an inverted arch protruding from the gut of a shirtless yokel. Standard issue for most plus size models.
ant.: Abercrombie "V"
Ex. Pokechop is the poster child for the Members Only "U" and damn proud of it.

"Sure, I model! When you weigh two hunskies and a half, Members Only is all over you..... literally"
by Dr. Snoball November 26, 2003