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A person (usually a male, but not always) that persists in keeping company with "ladies of the evening" ie: whores, trollups,skags,sluts etc. This person has an appetite for extremely used women and has no fear of possible STD's or birth protection. In fact, this individual likes skanks so much, he would just as soon stand in line behind 20 guys just to tear a piece off and not think twice.Motivation for this kind of individual include the smeared lipstick, rat's nest hair, ripped hosiery (in the crotch) her smoking during sex,bruises on her arms and cheap rates.
Ted:Have you seen Al lately? Man he's been avoiding us like the plague.

Brian:Yeah, he's running around with some other whore now named Sue.

Ted:Really? Man that's the 6th chick this week!

Brian: Yeah, he's a skankaholic and it's untreatable.

Ted:Man, if he keeps that up it'll be terminal.
by Dr. Snapper April 03, 2009

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