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When a "dealer" that receives a small amount of weight on a front but is unable to move his/her weight in the amount of time necessary to positively influence his/her importance and influence in the game. To protect his/her rep from ridicule and shame, the "dealer" requests a second front to appear as if he/she has a lucrative career moving weight whilst neglecting their previous front and debt resulting from the "dealer's" need to play gangster and ending in a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.....or methamphetamine addiction.
"You want another 30 pills? I just gave you 30 three days ago and I ain't seen one fuckin nickel of my money. Where's my mother fuckin pills Steve?"

"I have them all sold, but I'm just waitin on people to pay me. They are out of town right now and will be back next week. I just need to help out some friends between then. I'll have your money back to you in an hour. I swear."

"Double-frontin' son of a bitch. We're gonna have to ride together because I don't have enough gas to get to fantasy land. Go get my fuckin money for the last 30 pills or I'm gonna shit in your mouth and shoot you in the chest.

....fuckin Steve."
by Dr. Shakalu July 02, 2008

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