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Mad Itchy Balls.... You just have to scratch
" I got MIBs like a mofo "
by Dr. Seuss March 07, 2005
An egotistical male primate, hellbent on taking over the world. This rare nocturnal mammal, is allergic to light, and insensitive to compliments. Main source of nutrition: adolescent Chick-a-dees and Filthy Lies. Has been known to play dead in times of danger, and play handsome, when prey is nearby. Closely related to species Egnoramus Cephlishopod. If bitten, please call your local Poison Fraternity, although animal is generally harmless, and weak. Slap species into extinction if sighted.
The savage, but silly, enricht has fallen victim to our trap we baited with drunk salmon, and M&M shells.
by Dr. Seuss June 07, 2003
1) A delicate fruit theorized in the ancient times, to embody all the perfect little details in life. Considered the fruit of beauty, with an intense aroma contained within, all who luckily came upon this delicacy, never failed to handle with extreme care. Those who could not, are regretting their lives already. Wrapped in an unassuming skin, the true beauty lies in its seed. A worthy core, of unfathomable, nutrition, they are, and will always be persued by wild animals, such as tropt and enricht 's.

2) A most odd friend of Earl.
A) To be toyed with a scent of a moochie, is a sinful delight, and subtle anxiety, if starved from the fruit.

B) "moochie, what are you doing" -Earl. "Feeling much better now Earl"-moochie.
by Dr. Seuss June 09, 2003
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