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1 definition by Dr. Schlomoth, Phd, MD, Rabbi

A liberal, John Lennon-loving, vegan/vegetarian, atheist lezzy (lesbo) who wears thick, dark plastic framed glasses and normally wears emo clothes. She was born a Jew but then disgraced her family by rejecting the schlomothage religion. She usually listens to faggot emo "music" and likes to listen to a faggot whine about losing his boyfriend. She is usually in college and majors in english or fine arts because it's the least mentally demanding.
Jew girl: Oh, giiiveeee peace a chancy...
Whiney Faggettio: Yeah, Beettles are awesome... I would suck Lennon's cock if he was still alive. I love your new converse throwbacks, ya LLL.
Jew girl: Yeah, they're made from aborted fetal carcasses.
by Dr. Schlomoth, Phd, MD, Rabbi September 10, 2006