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Of or pertaining to one who is dressed in a glamorous fashion, as if said person is an indian actress or actor.

When referencing a woman, the word has a positive connotation, as Indian actresses are generally considered very beautiful. When attributed to men on the other hand, the word has a deeply negative and offensive connotation, as male Indian actors are considered hairy, oddly shaped, and disposed to poor hygienic standards.

Bolly is a shortening of "Bollywood", referring to the hub of the Indian film industry: Bombay (Mumbai), which is commonly referred to as such. This is an obvious play on the word "Hollywood".

This interpretation is completely unrelated to the British exclamation, short of "Bollocks".
"whoa dawg, that chick is wicked bolly, yo"
"girl, that man is so bolly its dag nasty. get me a towel"
by Dr. S. Mukherji April 30, 2007
An imaginary friend of unusual, homuncular proportions. Usually disposed to literature, modeling, and furry jackets.
Alexander Funke is a lengthening of the acronym, A.F. which stands for: abercrombie and fitch.
" Dag yo, Alexander Funke got a sale. On chronic"
"Crikey, I had a dream about Alexander Funke last night, once again. He/She told me to burn things."
by Dr. S. Mukherji November 28, 2007

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