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Yet another insulting term for Jews (or anyone for that matter). Usually applied to the situation in which you are denied something and you end up getting pissed off.
"Hey man, do you think I could borrow a few condoms from you? I'm out."

"Heeellll no man!! I need them bitchez tonight!"

".....Fuckin Jewfish."
by Dr. Rufus March 01, 2009
Emo Music is the harsh sounding squeal of a high pitched faggoty dark colored attire wearing prick with long bangs that cover the face/eyes and that that doesnt bathe for days(usually accommodated by a wool or polyester scarf). Usually composed of a grand total of 3-5 chords played repetitively in different ways, these songs are "Messages to America's Youth" about how shitty well-off suburban lifestyle is. These songs usually contain lyrics such as "I shed tears of blood for you", "I hate my life", "I cut myself again", and my personal favorite "We're just kids".
Whoever writes Emo Music needs to go to Kenya and get his ball sack accessorized into a spare change pouch for the homeless.
by Dr. Rufus December 11, 2008

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