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5 definitions by Dr. Roxx

another name for a big nasty purple hickey. Typically found on or near the neck.
Nice monkey bite dude!! Who'd you go out with last night?
by Dr. RoXX January 19, 2006
Wild, drug and/or alcohol fueled sex that takes place next to the welcome cover of a dumpster in a suitably dark alley.
We slipped out of the show for some dumpster sex...I bent that little slut over the hood of a car, started chowing her box from behind. She really went wild when I whipped out my johnson and shoved it in, riding the skin fish all the way to Tuna Town! It was fuggin' GREAT dude.
by Dr. Roxx May 08, 2008
A feline household pet with a molestable thick silky coat of fur.
You just want to STROKE the furry friend in a good way, not in a sexual way.
by Dr. RoXX December 06, 2006
The love handle blubber that overflows from the sides of overtight low-rise jeans on a woman.
Check out the the goo-meat on that skank, doesn't she notice that crap hanging out when she greases up her thighs and slides those pants on?!! Gross...
by Dr. RoXX December 06, 2006
a big wooly, hairy pussy where the tagles mass of hyphea-like pubic hair often extends all the way from the belly button to the anus.
ugh! Look at the euro-bush on that bitch...that's nasty!
by Dr. RoXX June 08, 2005