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2 definitions by Dr. Rowdy

1. More descriptive term for those whores who are also fat. They commonly wear black club pants with a white mid-drift T-shirt out to the bars.
2. Also a cause taken up by a group of 4 Kent State students in order to rid our campus of fatty hoes. Known as the Fatty Hoe Security Council.
1. Damn! Look at those fat rolls hangin over her belt, typical fatty hoe.
2. Fatty HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! is our callout, usually shouted in harmony to bring the fatty hoes indiscretions to light.
by Dr. Rowdy March 24, 2004
1. Snatch that needs to be spread apart by both hands before you can get a peek at some pink.
2. Snatch with fat, hefty labial folds.
Whoa baby, your fatty snatch leaves me no hands to tickle the brown eye.
by Dr. Rowdy October 11, 2006