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When one takes a dump in a cup and mixes mozzarella cheese in the cup and heats it up on the stove, then spreads it on their girl/guys back and then pulls apart the shitty cheesy goodness.
"oh Bobby please give me a Montreal milky way, im in the mood for a brown cheesy treat"
by Dr. Rondafer Stink April 21, 2009
When a large black male sticks his dick in a cup of chilli and tries to rob a 7 eleven by by making the indian man behind the counter choke to death on his freakishly huge cock and then leaves behind a trail of chilli to leave his mark
I'll be home late tonight debra, i cant talk right now...I'm attempting my 25th Hindu Hold up.
by Dr. Rondafer Stink July 18, 2010
When 5 Bosnian men all jizz into a cup and poor it on their dad
Hey busnir get radis and the guys and we'll make a Bosnian Jizz Bomb
by Dr. Rondafer Stink July 21, 2010
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