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Where you've heard or seen the stupidest thing as of yet, causing you to enter a trance-like coma for a few seconds, stunned that you just heard or saw that. You get them less frequently as you grow older, because every time you've had a brain attack, you need to see or hear something stupider than that to get another one. These are usually said while not under the influence of anything, because under those circumstances where below is said while high, it does not have the same effect. the below is said while perfectly functional, inducing brain attacks.
Guy #1: You know... wars sucks, cuz like, if people minded their own business and like didn't start wars, we wouldn't have wars and everything would be chill yanno?
Guy #2: OMFG you are soo right! you should be like, president of the world or something
Guy #3: If we had a president of the world there would be no wars!!!
Guy #4: I.. I have... argh -.-.....
Guy #2: Are you alright?
Guy #4:...
Guy #5: You shitbricks gave him a brain attack.
#dumbass #coma #retard #philosophical thought #speechless
by Dr. Roflpotomas March 29, 2010
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