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The act of setting up an all but guaranteed act then having it fall through at the last minute for some random and inexcusable reason.
Last week my girlfriend met this hot chick at Starbucks and planned on surprising me with a 3sum. But then out of nowhere my girl came down with the Swine Flu. I can't believe she Buffalo Bills'd me!!... FML
by Dr. Reginald T. Lovesponge III April 24, 2011
adjective; describing a person or place that looks amazing or beautiful but is functionally garbage.
Reginald: I met a Virginia Beach last night!
Adams: What do you mean?
Reginald: I met this Cougar at Hot Tuna yesterday and got her back to the crib only to find out she can't fuck to save her life. ugh... FML.

The worst Virginia Beach of all time has to be the 1990 Buffalo Bills!!
by Dr. Reginald T. Lovesponge III April 24, 2011

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