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Teflon is solid with an extremely low coefficient of friction. It is commonly used as a nonstick coating for pans. There are many misconceptions about teflon. Although it IS used on armor-piercing rounds, it does not provide ANY of the armor-piercing capabilities. The BULLET is hardened steel. The teflon coating is used ONLY to protect the rifling of the gun's barrel. Also it is NOT bullet proof. Kevlar is the material used in bulletproof vests. "Bullet-proof ballistic nylon" is a freakin trademark used for luggage. Although rap is pleasant to listen to, please turn elsewhere for your education.
If you own a vest made of "bullet-proof ballistic nylon" please allow me to personally shoot you to demonstrate its lack of protection against penetration. However, I can make a nice omelet on your otherwise useless clothing.

Maybe some idiots think that teflon is bulletproof because bullets "won't stick to them". Morons.
by Dr. Reggy Reins August 07, 2005
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