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(n) Pronounced: che-zey snatch

1. Best describes a womans vagina after a rather strenious activity, such as exercise or fucking.

2. When sitting close to a girl who was obviously not washed for a number of days, such as after a multi-day festival or camping trip, and you can smell her vagina from where you are.

3. The state of a girls vagina, unkept, messy and smells bad.
Man 1: How was last night with that bird that you pick up?
Man 2: Yeah it was good until she asked me to go down on her, smelt like rotten cheese left behind the furnace for a week, hairer then a damn dog.
Man 1: Psst! hey can you smell that?
Man 2: Yeah I dont think that Jane was washed for a few days!
Man !: Yeah thats one cheesy snatch, bet it oozes out sauce!
Man: Damn girl do you ever maintain?
Girl: No im not really into that...
Man: Fuck you and your hippy values bitch shave and shower or im going to piss on your face
Girl: Well.....
by Dr. RazBerry August 28, 2009
(v) Pronounced Peg-tris

1. The act of multiple peg smoking, or multiple amounts of penis penetrating ones different orifices and many holes of the body.

2. To feel overwhelmed by the amounts penis in your presence and have nowhere to put them.
"Hey look at Sally, shes giving PegTris a turn with that whole street gang"

"oh man what a day, i feel so PegTrised at the moment, i wish i knew what to do with all this penis"

"Oh my what will i do with all this penis, i might just have to fit it all in like the game Tetris or as we whores call it PegTris"
by Dr. RazBerry August 28, 2009
(v) Pronounced; ass-ghost

1. One who comes in the dead of night to rob you of your anal virginity

2. To have a strange feeling in your bowels, and start shitting blood.

3. To feel like one is forcing their way into your pants violently. It is a good chance that you have an ASSGHOST or ASSPHANTOM inside of you.
Man 1; "Man my ass is raped, i can barley walk let alone shit straight, i think i got a visit from the ass ghost..."
Man 2; "Oh how exciting, did he leave you any money like the tooth fairy?"
Man 1: "Nah must of gotten the jewish ass ghost, all i got was a sore ass"
"oh my stomach hurts, i hope that i did not get a visit by the infamous assghost"
by Dr. RazBerry August 28, 2009
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