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Parasitic loin-dwelling organism prone to enjoying Sunday evening television programming. May cause excessive chaffing and itchiness in laboratory mice.
Holy fucking shit Ricky, get a hammer I think I've got the loinworms!
by Dr. Popular March 16, 2003
Mythical creature hailing from the suburbs known for displaying his penis to strangers and making lengthy, pedantic speeches on the proper interpretation of the film "Fight Club."
Hey, have you seen ElProducto's penis lately?
by Dr. Popular March 16, 2003
Snotty, home-schooled, latch-key-goth who spends his days screaming into his pillow because his mother once asked him to take out the garbage when his favorite TV show was on. Sometimes records these screamings while wearing sassy sweatpants and insists on calling it "music" which you could not possibly understand.
eryk doesn't spell his name properly because that's just what you WANT him to do!
by Dr. Popular March 16, 2003
Weighs 170 pounds with 7% bodyfat and imagines himself to be quite the looker. Cannot type worth beans, and possesses no higher reasoning or critical thinking skills whatsoever. Homosexual to an extreme degree.
impulse hears voices in his head which make him say retarded shit.
by Dr. Popular March 16, 2003
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