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The act, or resulting state of mind resulting from the act of a person of legal drinking age providing a person not of legal drinking age with alcohol via taking a big swig of booze and kissing the younger party. This generally occurs in bars, clubs and shows; and is usually between a couple where one person is 21 or older and their significant other is between 18 and 20. Or it happens with a dude who likes to hit on young girls at clubs and with young floozies.
(20 year old woman)-- "No, we'll get caught and I'll get thrown out for drinking underage"
(21 year old man)-- "Seriously? Do you really think that they'll accuse us of mouth-to-mouth inebriation?"

(from one sorority sister to her underage "sister")---"How did you get drunk tonight, didn't they card you?"
(reply) "They did, so I got mouth to mouth inebriated thanks to Becca, she's like the best big eva"
by Dr. Poonjab of the Appalachias November 18, 2011

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