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An affluent town in upper Fairfield County, Connecticut and home to the Nighthawks of Newtown High School. The community is slightly diverse and is growing rapidly. High school and college students alike find Newtown to be a rather entertaining area. With two sizeable lakes and two town parks there is always something to do when school gets out for the summer.

Newtown kids also have the hobby of getting absolutely fucked up. Activities range from getting shitfaced for Senior League or leaving to take gravities during your free period. Getting fucked up for high school dances is also a fine art; get wasted, but don't get caught. Drinking in school was the best as long as you don't run into Kathy or Novia. It's played with 10 cups, not 6, and if you're not up you play a different game (or smoke a cig). Parties are all over the place during weekends, but you could always just drink in someone's basement. Roll a Dutch, play some i95 and just chill out. Of course you can find better things than weed and alcohol, if you're into that. What it comes down to is Newtown is the shit. We run this state.
A: You wanna go to that rager?
B: Yeah, but it's on the other side of town.
A: Fuck you, Newtown, CT isn't that big.
B: Alright, let's get out of here.
A: You're buying Diner later when I'm to shitfaced to drive.
by Dr. Pitkoff October 24, 2006

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