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4 definitions by Dr. Phil

A plastic device (male or female) that roystee uses to satisfy his sexual desires when prostitutes are unavailable.
Roystee said, "How else can a fat fuck like me get laid?"
by Dr. Phil December 20, 2003
literally pronounced as "one asterisk";
meaning "one ass to risk"
--risking your own ass to help others
used mostly as a sign-off, the way some people say "one love"
by Dr. Phil April 19, 2005
The word penis with vowels places switched

forest speak for wang

something made of wood

fur pines are long hard hairy woods
just take the I and put it where the E goes. Then take the E and put it where the I goes:

by dr. phil March 09, 2004
Feared members of a hunting klan. They only hunt the Brick Master. It is tradition to only hunt the Brick Master on full moons in July.
Look The Applebees.
by Dr. Phil August 27, 2003