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A financial state of being typically experienced while playing Monopoly on a Saturday night with friends. Also known as an eruption of bankruptism to high risk areas of the world...the monopoly world at the intersection of BBQ Railroad and Vagine Avenue!!!
Dude 1 - "u landed on Boardwalk with a hotel...damn son"
Dudette 1 - "no agreement...no alliance...time for bankruption".
by Dr. Pete March 08, 2008
A person who tries to play bball but really has some serious misunderstandings about certain technicalities such "travelling". Hence, even though they keep playing thinking that they're not travelling, they must be imagining that they are dribbling the ball...hence the term "invisible dribble".

Could also be applied to people who think they have any kind of game, not just in bball...life in general.
Situation 1 - Playing Ball
Dude 1 - "Dude, look at all those steps he's taking...he's doing the carlton and he doesn't even know it. Doesn't he know he has to dribble the ball?"

Dude 2 - "Yeah, he's got mad inivisible dribble skills".

Situation 2 - Picking up a chick
"Check out that dude over there trying to work some game on that chick...he's got nothing man...no response...nada...seriously - invisible dribble and a half. But damn, she is who-licious nonetheless."
by Dr. Pete March 02, 2008
When someone sees a hot chick walking down the street, and u stop talking to your boyz cause ur mind is just flabbergasted.
Dude 1 - "Dude, who is that? Damn son"
Dude 2- "MMmmmmm...She's who-licious that's who she is"
by Dr. Pete March 01, 2008
The result of an evening of good times that's been remixed with vino, jerk chicken, and remixed bball action. It's then followed up by additional good times, jokes, and serious chillaxin.

It is also known to those who play scrabble at interesting hours of the morning after having drunken themselves into a pure state of Brahma bliss and enlightenment.
"Dude, that's gagqi. What was that...GAGQIOLA!!! lol lol...good times".

"Gagqi" it's what?...that's right G A G Q I. Did you hear that? That is GAGQI.
by Dr. Pete February 22, 2008
The obsession with adding the number "9" to the purchase price of some sort of real estate, like a condo...lol, after each rejected/counter offer during the negotiation phase between two parties.
1st offer - $204,900
rejection...then 1st counter offer - $214,900
2nd offer - $206,909
rejection...then 2nd counter offer - $213,999
3rd offer - $209,999
rejection...then 2nd counter offer - $211,999

Buyer - "Shit...my ninism strategy worked son!!!!!! - that was a juicy who-licious remix - one time"
by Dr. Pete March 06, 2008
When playing ball, and you want to have a "code name" for an alley oop, you say, "AO technolagee...".

Civil Definition (c/o Wikipedia)
An alley oop in basketball is an offensive play in which one player throws the ball up near the basket to a teammate (or, much more rarely, to himself) who jumps, catches the ball in mid air and immediately scores a basket, usually with a slam dunk remix. It is an impressive way to score and often electrifies the "spectators". The alley oop combines elements of teamwork, pin-point passing, timing, and drinking...I mean dunking.

History of the alley oop (c/o Wikipedia)
Some credit Al Tucker and his brother Gerald at Oklahoma Baptist University with being the first to use the alley oop in the mid-1960s. Others credit David Thompson as the first player to execute the classic alley oop play while at North Carolina State University, with his teammates Monte Towe and Tim Stoddard performing the neccesary lob passes. There can be no question however that it was NCSU's Thompson who popularized the play during the early 1970s - exploiting his 48-inch vertical leap to make the above-the-rim play a recurring staple in the Wolfpack's offensive attack. Because dunking was illegal in college basketball at that time, upon catching the alley oop pass, Thompson would simply drop the ball through the hoop - not dunking one of the passes until the final play of the final home game of his career. During the 1990s NBA stars turned the alley oop into the game's ultimate quick strike weapon. North Carolina State also won a national championship on probably the most famous alley oop play of all time against the University of Houston. With time running out and the score tied in the 1983 championship game in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dereck Whittenburg threw a high, arching pass to Lorenzo Charles, who caught the ball and stuffed it through the net to win the title.
Dude 1 (point guard) - stares at teammate
Dude 2 (power forward) - Nods at PG...
Dude 1 (point guard) - "time for some AO technology?"
Dude 2 (power forward) - "AYO...it's time for some AO technology...throw that shit up in front of me!!!"
by Dr. Pete March 06, 2008
The "pop" sound that is created which signifies some serious chemistry when a brotherly handshake clap remix is made with one of your boyz. This usually happens when ur telling your boyz u'll see them later after a night of chillaxin. If you get the "pop" sound...gotta pull out some thugism. U know that person's got your back when the pop sound is in da house.
Dude 1 - "latez dude"...handshake remix with cool stuff happening...then pop sound is made
Dude 2 - "yeah yeah...chemistry clap is in da houizzle. Gotta get my clapizzle on...shiza" - laugh laugh laugh

the end
by Dr. Pete March 05, 2008
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