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Slang for the famous Hennessy Cognac, bottled in South-West of France.
"G-Unit to the socks, bitches all on a thug,give me a Henny on the rocks and a bottle of bub"
-Young Buck, Let Me In
by Dr. P June 11, 2006
short for Eindhoven, a city in the south of The Netherlands, not Holland
1-ga je morgen uit?
2-jep, dat wordt weer hartje ehv.
by Dr. P June 11, 2006
Dutch word, derived from the rapslang word cap
pass mun glock dan kan ik die kerel effe cappen
by Dr. P June 11, 2006
A fan of the best soccerclub in the world, PSV Eindhoven in The Netherlands, not Holland
1-voor welke club bende gij?
2-zie je dat niet? ik ben een boer
by Dr. P June 11, 2006
26 inch rims....damn, those things are big!
"they never seen 26's on a hummer,
my goal is to try f**k trina by the summer"
-Young Buck & G-Unit, Betta Ask Somebody
by Dr. P June 11, 2006

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