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The word Shotgun has several meanings:

1. NOUN. To ride shotgun means to ride in the passenger seat. This is desired especially when an excessive amount of people try to cram into a vehicle, as the person riding shotgun doesn't need to squeeze in with anybody. The shotgun seat also offers the best views, access to A/C and exudes an aura of preference over the other passengers.

2. VERB. To use two of something, originally popularized with dialup connections in the late 90s. To shotgun your internet connection would mean to use a specialized modem in conjunction with two seperate telephone lines. The delivery of content was made faster due to the two lines, and the meshing of downloaded data was made possible by the asynchronous nature of the modem. This was the precursor to popularized ISDN and broadband technologies. Nowadays, it can be used for many other objects, though usually the objects have some sort of technical/computer adage.

3. NOUN. A firearm that comes in three popular forms; a single barrelled pump-action, double barrelled breach, and single barrelled automatic. Known for its tremendous stopping power.

4. NOUN. A shotgun wedding is a wedding hastily scrambled together to avoid some kind of embarassing prenuptial occurence-usually pregnancy.

5. NOUN. A form of offensive formation used in American Football.

6. VERB. To shotgun a cigarette or cigarette smoke means to take an initial drag, and transfer the smoke from your mouth to another persons mouth, then repeatedly continuing the transfer.
1. I called shotgun and beat out all the other fascists to the passenger seat.

2. Dude, i've shotgunned two 7800GTs in my new rig, but it wont run CoD2!

3. I turned the corner, the fundamentalist worshipper of Allah had his illegal AK-47 jammed. I pulled up my shotgun from the hip and obliterated his ugly face with hot American-made pellets.

4. My sister had a shotgun wedding, she was pregnant.

5. No, not the penny, and no blitz. Just shotgun.

6. My girlfriend was a smoker, and she always wanted to shotgun with me. It was hot at the time, but I regret it now that I have lung cancer.
by Dr. Noisewater September 26, 2005

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