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Though commonly mistaken for being Japanese, JAPanism is the process of being controlled by JAP (jewish-american-princess) or being a connection with someone under a JAP. The JAP is generally the mother, girl-friend, and/or wife in the situation and keeps all those close to her under a tight leash. She is generally disliked by the friends of those under her control and when something does not work for her, she unleashes a devilish shriek that may leave some unconscious. Some symptoms of JAPanism include failure to keep a plan/promise/date, unreliability, and late-night gatherings. If you or someone you know is under the JAPanistic flu, please contact your local doctor or banker for more information. Remember it is a highly contagious situation and is to be treated with the upmost importance.
My friend Betty just got JAPanism. Now she can't go swimming with us.

Man, that guy is such a JAPanistic. He needs to talk to a doctor....or lawyer.
by Dr. NoUrStuff February 08, 2010
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