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3 definitions by Dr. McAwesomeBerg

The extreme drying of the scrotum to the point in which the skin starts to peel or flake off. Usually occuring in Somolian teenagers due to their ritual of manhood in which they must dry their scrotum in sand for 7 days and 7 nights.
Mohammed's chapped sack was so intense that it required constant lubrication from his Ball Balm.(Chapstick for the Balls)
by Dr. McAwesomeBerg August 07, 2009
Chapstick for the balls. Usually in a roll on package. Lubricates the scrotum.
Joe: "Damn! My balls are dry!"
Bob: "Its okay, I have some extra ball balm, just rub some on."
by Dr. McAwesomeBerg August 11, 2009
The instant where a man's penis become erect unprovoked. In other words, a random split second boner.
"I was sitting in class today and had a bone flash, it was so bad that I couldn't get up and walk around without being noticed. "


Bob: "I just had a bone flash."
John: "WTF? Theres no girls in here."
Bob: "I know. Either its a bone flash or I'm gay."
by Dr. McAwesomeBerg October 24, 2009