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The ability for a man to find the vajayjay with his cock without the lights on.
Shadynasty says Mo' Koq has uncanny cockturnal vision. He finds it every time and never with the lights on.
by Dr. L1 January 02, 2009
A man other than her husband with whom a married woman has an ongoing sexual relationship.
Damn girl, you married and still got friends with benefits!
Yeah, I've got a few misteresses.
by Dr. L1 April 24, 2008
To recognize from the back.
With a badonkadonk like dat, it is easy to see how anyone could backognize Ritesha.
by Dr. L1 April 24, 2008
Device that tells you how fast yo ass is goin.
Slow down, girl. Yous better check yo speedonkadonk b4 you get a ticket.
by Dr. L1 December 21, 2010
Giving yo man a BJ when he's had a bad day.
Hey brown suga, I's had a bad day. Hows bout some oral support?
by Dr. L1 December 21, 2010
Used to describe someone or something that's worth keeping around. Refers to the popular "Trapper Keeper" binders from the 90s.
Girl: So how's it going witcha new man?
Girl's BFF: He gives me warm fuzzies. He's so binder!
by Dr. L1 May 14, 2008

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