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Where everyone is either a yahhh dooood, a skanky ass hoe, or a pothead. Thinking about getting shitfaced is the only thing that keeps you motivated throughout the school week. People know about your weekend before Monday even rolls around. W"The Bridge", "The Rock", "The Outback", "The Beach Spot", "Party to the left", "GMa's House", "The Dam", "The Spot", "The Craitor", etc. are the places to be. You can find Mr. Swanton & Friends running around like madmen @ BHS on their walkie-talkie's. In order to fit in you must own maximum articles of Abercrombie&Fitch. Common words such as "ruueee" "geeeek" "reeeep" and "dudeee" are used excessivly. Instead of saying "ummm.." in between your words, you say "fuckkinnng.." Braintree's football team is MUCH better than Weymouths. You technicaly wouldn't even need to shower during the school week, you could just stand under one of the leeks in the ceiling of our school. We live by the PRIDE statement...Freshman girls are gaurenteed multiple bitching outs. You automatically look like a slut for wearing a skirt, and to make it even worse Mrs. Kelly WILL find you. Here in Braintree you can find drama any time and place.
dude, go call Ryan from Braintree..his weed's mad goood.

OMG, John told me that Sarah told him that she heard Lucy and Tony talking about how they both overheard Lindsay whispering to Jack about the note Jack found from Lisa to Mike about how they've secretly been hooking up?? Michelle's going to killll Lisa!!
by Dr. Kurzberg June 21, 2006

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