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The prince of all bad-ass, geniuses. Also referred to as the Boss.

The guy all females want in their bedrooms. The guy that knows how to pleasure all parts of the woman's body. He is the ultimate athlete, sexy, good-looking, and intelligent above intelligence.

This guy makes rocket scientists piss their pants, with his above normal intelligence. Some theorize that he is part of the Illuminati.... or a different, gifted race on earth. At the same time, he is compared to Tupac, and other revolutionary figures. He is the definition of cool, and puts Thug-Wanna Be's in their place.
(John is walking down the street and a gang of hoodlums rush him)

John says: Back the f*ck up! I roll with the Sham Sham, he'll deal with yo bloodcats.

Suzy: Dam, that guy is so smart, sexy, and handsome. I want Sham Sham!

Ohh la la.
by Dr. Kugnatica October 25, 2009

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