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4 definitions by Dr. Know It ALL

a male who is meek and timid, shows female personality traits. basically a male who wouldn't survive outside the security of his mother's arms reach. Also look at pansy, sissy, fruit, wimp
Mikey Jackson, Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Urkel and any man who scratches and slaps during a fight
by Dr. Know It ALL November 30, 2003
812 316
a person who lives and exhibits attitudes of inner city life. usually a negative connotation that implies poor upbringing, bad manners, little to no education and low class behavior.
That 12 year old kid is drinking a 40, bullying that younger kid and urinating on someone's car, what a hood rat!
by Dr. Know It ALL November 30, 2003
257 185
Gastro Intestinal Emination that either leaves a distinctive fragrance or humorous reverberation. Also look at fart, dutch oven
After eating beans you will be blowing ass for a while
by Dr. Know It ALL November 30, 2003
23 6
straight male with close ties to urban life and vanity. Also has narcistic tendancies and slight homosexual overtones. Also look at: pansy, sissy mary, panty waist, candy ass, fairy
Enrique Iglesias, Dave Beckham and anyone who: wears pink shirts, can't live with themselves if they wear white tube socks, uses the word "coutour", and crosses their legs so their knees touch
by Dr. Know It ALL November 30, 2003
201 211