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A city in Ohio. Also known as Clevelandtown. Under construction since 1868. Cleveland's economy is mostly based on Lebron James. Every citizen in Cleveland still uses payphones and has at least two DUI's. The water in Cleveland is so filthy that its rivers can catch on fire. Its main export is crippling depression. All the flats in Cleveland look like they're from a Scooby Doo ghost town. Don't stop or slow down in East Cleveland or you'll die. FUN FACTS: 1.Cleveland leads the nation in drifters. 2. Most of the food in Cleveland is prepared near the street. 3. Cleveland only has two buildings. 4. At least it's not Detroit.
Gentleman 1: What's that barren wasteland beyond the horizon?

Gentleman 2: That's a place where there used to be industry. But that was many years ago. That wasteland is known as Cleveland. God forgot about Cleveland a long time ago.
by Dr. Kintaro May 23, 2009
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