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Short-hand for the Ontario Hockey League. This is the testing grounds for North America's best and brightest NHL potentials. Popular high-school girls are magnetically attracted to the male players for no clear reason other than the fact that they play hockey in the O. These girls often travel great distances to attend hockey games and surrender all human contact with their peers.

This "brain-drain" of popular, good-looking girls from high-schools is a hurdle for anyone wishing to go out with the "hot girl."
Person 1: "Oh my God, Candy is so hot, I want to take her out and get her drunk. Then she will love me and I will be accepted as a human being."

Person 2: "Sorry bud, shes going out with a guy in the OHL. You're only going to get sweet, slow hand love until you realize that hot girls only go out with guys in the O."
by Dr. Kickass May 12, 2006
OHL (Ontario Hockey Leauge). A mandatory place for any male who wishes to date a popular senior high school girl.
Male: You want to go out?
Popular Female: What team are you on in The O?
Male: I'm not in The O.
Popular Female: Well then there is no way in hell.

"I'm going out with that high school cheerleader because I am in The O."
by Dr. Kickass May 12, 2006
The inappropriate use of a tobaggon. The act of forcefully inserting said tobaggon through the anal orifice of a male or female partner, usually resulting in the tearing and/or mastadonic laceration of the anus and surrounding tissue. A twisting or side-to-side credit card sweep can be employed for increased sensation.
I can't sit down today because I was hardcore rough sledding last night.

"Hey Rosco, how about we go for some rough sledding, tomorrow at your place. I'll bring the sled."
by Dr. Kickass May 12, 2006
The act of having sex with a jar or bottle of lube while pornographic images, videos, or other are loading on the computer. Usually found in suburban households where punk kids struggle with there attempt rebel against bush despite there demographic location in Canada.
Son: "One of my BMW's broke down so I am relieving my hardships through lusting over another man while shamefully spilling my seed."

Parent: "Ok, our internet is slow today, so you should get a lube job while you wait."
by Dr. Kickass May 12, 2006
A rarely used Arab word that roughly translates to: "I am a huge homoesexual, why do I say this word? It makes no sense. I am a fag and my existence is null and void."
"I said Durka Dur today... the realization that my existence is a burden on my soul and the souls of everyone around me. End my life."

Person 1: "Ohhhhh!! Durka Dur"
Person 2: "Ohhh chunka jihad!!!!!!"
Person 3: "Ohhh lordy, so rowdy."
Person 2: "Guy. Serious. Lets end our lives."
Person 1: "Ahhh very nice, very nice!!!"
by Dr. Kickass May 12, 2006

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