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DFD (see DFD) has coined this term many times, and now has called it their own.

Verb - To strangle and choke a bitch
"Don't refuse to mate, or I'll have to strangulate!"
by Dr. K August 21, 2005
To have liquids or solids discharge from the nose due to laughing while drinking or eating
He took a drink just as I was finishing my punchline, and zutzed his coffee all over the table.
by Dr. K June 19, 2006
Noun -

A rap group short for Die Fuckers Die. Straight outta Portland, Maine; C-Grip, Dr. K, Stevie Lee, and their DJ from the 313, DJ Sub Z make up this group.
"DFD be actin' like the 2 Live Crew."
by Dr. K August 21, 2005

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