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Trashy people from either Philadelphia or the Southern region of New Jersey. They claim they are the most loyal fans in the NFL....ONLY when their team is on the brink of a (soon to be a failure) Super Bowl Run. But as soon as their team loses, they disown their team and bash them to pieces.

They boo the away team louder than they cheer their own, take pride in fact The Vet will only be remembered as a shit-hole, oblivious that the Eagles are the only NFC East team NOT to win a Super Bowl, think they are cool and flashy by celebrating an Eagles touchdown by singing a pathetic nursery song, watching 500 people on the field between assholes with flags/cheerleaders, and shooting off fireworks, they will YELL...i mean whisper that your team sucks if you wear another NFC East team's jersey in public, but only if they are with a large group of people, but otherwise will keep their mouth shut, watched Ronde Barber take it to house at the last football game at the vet and we're still laughing, fans that were 12 last time the Eagles won a championship are now collecting social security.

the list goes on....
This trashy Eagles fan told me "The Giants Suck" on the day NYG got their super bowl rings. Can you point out the irony in that one?

Q: How many times did the Giants sack that bitch McNabb on September 30th, 2007?

Real Answer: 12

Eagles fan's Answer: Winston Justice was in there, and Dawkins didn't play, and, and....um....Westbrook was hurt...

never mind...idiot.
by Dr. Jarrod Franklin July 16, 2008

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