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When multiple people break out into choreographed song and dance. Usually takes place within regular daily activities, and can include (but is not limited to) such atrocities as:
*Jazz Hands
*The word "Yeah!" said in a refreshing tone of voice
*Two rival OR in love characters circling eachother face to face
*Simple lyrics and mediocre dancing

Usually Disney Channel Moments are limited to shows such as Hannah Montana, however they do oftenly transition into big-name movies, and crappy strait to DVD TV movies.
I just watched Highschool Musical 6, and I was smothered by a billion wonderful Disney Channel Moments. The movie still sucked, though.
by Dr. Jarnigan K. Barnwell September 24, 2007
A generally bro rape which involves roofies and the thrusting of the pelvis.
"Oh man, my ass hurts."
"Yeah, I was totally shadwicking you last night"
by Dr. Jarnigan K. Barnwell July 17, 2007

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