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2 definitions by Dr. James Killigaaaan (Professor at CSU-long beach)

Sending troops to quell spoon theft at McArthur elementary. The 16 PKO's are labeled incorrectly, Kofi was drunk, he meant peacemaking operations. The framers intent is spoon theft, I am a framer, I know. This is the best counter-interpretation, any other interpretation causes extinction by grammer death.
there is peacekeeping goin on at McArthur
Peacekeeping, in the United Nations' sense is to send troops to 5th grade cafeteria's to quell spoon thefts. The 16 PKO's are actually all peace making, Kofi was drunk and misnamed them. To send peacekeepers anywhere but 5th grade cafeteria's causes extinciton because of disease
there is some peacekeeping going on at McArthur elementary