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Is a FOB way of saying - what the hell; unbelievable, incredible. Phonically translates to - what kind of pig; you dirty swine; or what the hell?
1. "what da heo" were you thinking, sleeping with your friends grandmother!

2. No way! "wat da heo" he doing?
#what the hell #incredible #unbelievable #dirty bitch #dirty swine
by Dr. Jame October 25, 2008
When playing poker many players show sportsmanship by congratulating one another by saying nice hand. A person that is Fresh Off the Boat FOB would say, "Nice Hand". Commonly used in poker.
For example when a player has a "NICE HAND" you would hear. Dat it a NI HAN sir!
#nihan #ni han #neye han #nice hand #nie han
by Dr. Jame October 25, 2008
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