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An individual that is as queer as he is a fucking retarded cunt.

Something extremely unfair to you and/or society.
Bill says, "That little bitch you fought at the party last night was such a fucking faglaw!"

Craig says, "Somebody cheated on the midterm! The whole class has to retake it!"

Mike replies, "FAGLAW!"
by Dr. Jackson Five April 14, 2010
A term referring to any African-American that acts extremely bossy, ignorant, rude, obnoxious, and/or retarded. Show Runners tend to act like they "Run the Show" or like they "Own the Place." Although we cannot be entirely sure what "The Show" or "The Place" is actually referring to, we can only assume that, in terms of the social hierarchy, these "Show Runners" need to calm the fuck down because nobody gives a fuck.
Bill says, "Hey man, she's acting like she owns the place." Tom reply's, "Wow...fucking Show Runners."

Smith says, "Man there's this hot African gi-"
Clark interrupts, "You mean a fucking Show Runner?"

Junior says, "Did you see that Show Runner steal that woman's purse?"
Mike replies, "Sure did!"
by Dr. Jackson Five April 14, 2010
When an event, person or place fucking sucks. Much like a gay man sucks a penis, only in this case, it's a whole civilization of gays.
Man! That party was fucking gaytown!

How did that exam go? "It was gaytown."
by Dr. Jackson Five April 13, 2010

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