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When you be smacking the sirloin and the rhythm matches the porn that you're watching.
Uhhh, smack, Uhh, smack. Man as a pasty red head from Oslo that's so rejected. I feel an affinity and a similarity to Tyrell from L.A. in the hit feature "Tricky Nicky get Sticky Icky (with my 10 inch black cock)" Oh check it out, I'm beat matching and I didn't even realize it, where do I send fanmail?
by Dr. Ian Super June 07, 2007
when you piss in someone's mouth prior to a hummdiddle or blowjob. Often the individul claiming that it is "Brine Time" refers to the recipient as bitch or ho, and substitutes f's for th's in conversation.
"It's Brine Time Bitch. I'm gonna piss in yo mouf. Now suck my dick!"
by Dr. Ian Super February 27, 2008
When object of your affection is currently with another dude. Aka a trick ass mark who is with the fish you want to chip.
Man I want to ballz Jessica, she's gotta lose that man luggage "Ryan".
by Dr. Ian Super June 07, 2007
Not unlike little man big man syndrome but completely different. This is both a natural and unnatural phenomenon where a tall skinny dude has the skinny on lock, but the belly on bust.
Yo check out Beanpole Barry, I haven't seen him since high school. WOAH! That boyz dun gone grovered himself (I hear that he used to be thizzed faced all the time and then his plur bunny left him so he got his munch-down on). He's straight Foster's boyeeeeee.
by Dr. Ian Super June 07, 2007
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