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(Take Your Stat & Move Along) When someone in an online FPS is such an abusive self-important vehicle ganking, nade/exp spamming, spawnpoint camping, plane whoring douche-bag prick from living in his/her parent's basement well into their early 40s and having their mum fold their whitey tighties that you refuse to play them. You halt in your tracks & do not move to let them get their gratification kill which makes them feel oh-so special even though the game is Battlefield 1942 which is 8 years old and no one tracks the shit anyhow. Then you can re-spawn anew and play someone else that doesn't make you vomit in your own mouth when you think about them like this player who has the personality of the turd that hangs off a goldfish as it swims around thinking it's the big fish in the little pond.
Oh it's <insert player name> TYSMA!!!
by Dr. Iam Mokingeu January 02, 2011

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