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After ejaculating in a yeast infected vagina, the man puts her legs behind her head and then spoon feeds her the soupy chowder that fills her clam.
Your mom makes the best Alabama Clam Chowder.
by Dr. Hammersnatch September 11, 2009
During the process of sexual intercourse when the woman is riding on top of the man. The man then reaches into a jar of peanut butter and smears it into the ass crack of the woman, then calls the dog to lick out the peanut butter.
After that trailer park threeway my girl stocked up on peanut butter and always takes the dog on long walks in the woods.
by Dr. Hammersnatch September 11, 2009
It is what a young man would call his penis after having sex with a woman over the age of 40. You would use your Cougar Spear when in the process of a Cougar Hunt.
I totally wrecked your mom with my Cougar spear.
by Dr. Hammersnatch September 11, 2009

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