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honkybonics is unintelligble mumbling and lazy speech patterns associated with rural caucasians with limitededucation.
I called for directions but the clerk was heavy on the honkybonics and I never did figure out the location.

Sam was throwin down the honkybonics and when he tucked the Skoal bandit it was ... game over, "no comprendé"!
by Dr. Gunther Volt December 02, 2011
I. D. Jacking – A term similar to car jacking or hi jacking meaning identification theft or purloinment of personal information from Internet activity. Monitoring web site visits, Facebook friends, Twitter hits and various other on line social networking and commercial activity for the purpose of profiling the participant for mercantile, political, or criminal exploitation is I.D. Jacking.
Example: Of all the I.D. Jackers on the Internet, Google’s’ Android system is the most flagrant. Why is it when I Google search for tractor parts, the next five days of Internet surfing are loaded with advertisements for John Deere tractors at Home Depot?

Example: When I couldn’t deactivate the “I Cloud” account on my Apple IPad, it was obvious they were I.D. Jacking

my private email accounts and on line activity for mercantile purposes.

Example: The Federal Communications Commission threatened to file an Anti Trust action against Facebook unless they would continue I.D. Jacking Mohammed Abdula and forwarding the information to their operatives.
by Dr. Gunther Volt January 13, 2012

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