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An exceptionally spicy curry, best washed down with ice cold lager beer.
Phwoar that vindaloo was spicy!

Burns going in;burns coming out
by Dr. Funk January 17, 2005
Being the driver of a moving vehical and jamming the gas while you climb out the window to lay on the windshield of the vehical, leaving no one to drive the car.
Person 1: Oh look at the driver of that truck! hes on the roof?

Person 2: He's redneck surfing, well was...

go to ebaumsworld.com for a video sample of how this activity is preformed
by Dr. Funk August 01, 2004
a terrible, worthless person; usually from Texas
My friend Garrett Hall is a shitheel
by Dr. Funk December 16, 2003
Someone who eats primarily the flesh of animals. Often used as a pejorative term by vegetarians. The healthiest lifestyle possible, according to all scientists in the known (and parts of the unknown) universe.
All he eats is meat, that fleshitarian! Now I understand why he is so healthy and has such a great protein intake. You know the proteins you can't get from anywhere else. Fleshitarianism is the way to be.
by Dr. Funk April 23, 2005

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