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recycle (noun): something that is used, but not used up and saved for further use at a later time.
He put the cud of chew back in the can. In these tough times, he thought, one must recycle to get by.
by Dr. Foo May 18, 2009
An ugly woman
I always watch CNBC--no toadesses there.
by Dr. Foo April 18, 2009
A fancy term for pussy-whipping
He gave up his bros and all the things he likes to do, just because of that bitch--a case of major vlagellation
by Dr. Foo July 26, 2008
dried-up dirrahea
Ma: What's this brown stuff on the rug?

Pa: Looks like dryarrhea from the dog, yesterday,
by Dr. Foo July 11, 2008
An extremely poor performance when a good one is needed--can occur in any sport or area of endeavor.

(Shitting one's pants, usually figuratively, but could be literally)
He needed to put the ball on the green, but shanked it into the pond--his second pantsloader that round.

The politician seemed to present a cogent explanation, but came out with a real pantsloader when he thought the mike was off.
by Dr. Foo August 13, 2010
Literary language for wiping one's ass
After hearing his speech, many thought the politician should take a few moments to absterge the podex.
by Dr. Foo May 03, 2010
Driving at speeds over 80 miles an hour or what a person with hella sex appeal does
She was burning snowmen, so he was burning snowmen on the way to the motel.
by Dr. Foo April 23, 2008

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