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Sexual prowess, when up close and personal, as opposed

to appearances at a distance.
He looked good from a distance, but she wondered about his short game.
by Dr. Foo June 23, 2011
A 24 ounce can of Labatt's Blue on sale for $.79 before 10 a.m.
Clerk: The coffee's all gone, but there's the eyeopener special in the cooler.

Dude: where?
by Dr. Foo July 10, 2008
A condom
"Use a one-fingered glove, or forget it", she said.
by Dr. Foo July 15, 2010
Said of bullshit that is so dense and deep it cannot be overcome
The politician thought his denials, excuses, alibis and recriminations were plunger proof, until he found out they had video tapes too.
by Dr. Foo September 15, 2009
recycle (noun): something that is used, but not used up and saved for further use at a later time.
He put the cud of chew back in the can. In these tough times, he thought, one must recycle to get by.
by Dr. Foo May 18, 2009
The absolute superlative, the best of its kind--even better than the bomb
Waitress: How do you like your milkshake?

Dude: Beats the bomb, the best ever, thanks!
by Dr. Foo September 22, 2008
cocktails before happy hour--usually before 4 p.m. in most localities
I'm on vacation--its early tails every day for the next two weeks.
by Dr. Foo July 10, 2008

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