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Literally, a backup singer who harmonizes with doo-dahs, doo-wops, shoop-shoops, sha-las, and the like--a minor figure, definitely not the lead singer. By extension, not the boss, kingpin or ringleader, but someone in the background, who "sings along", supports, assists, abets or worse.
The Chairman was calling the shots--everyone else was a doo-dah man.
by Dr. Foo May 16, 2009
BFHO is an acronym for Big Fucking Hard On. A popular expression in the 1960's, BFHO was a form of sarcasm meaning that something thought to be a big deal was nothing to get excited about at all.
Dude 1: I got the job at McDonalds!

Dude 2: BFHO

Dude 1: You're right, BFHO
by Dr. Foo September 21, 2008
An alcoholic drink taken before going out to the party or bars
Old drunk: What say a little hipper-dipper?

Shakey: You pour.
by Dr. Foo July 10, 2008
A physical or personal/social characteristic which necessitates a loss of points on the physical/social attractiveness scale (as figure skaters receive deductions for errors in their routines)
Super butt and danced it off, but talked about herself all night and hasn't brushed her teeth in a week--major deductions.
by Dr. Foo February 20, 2009
On one's knees puking into the toilet (especially when wasted on alcohol)
We finally found Rupert in the restroom totally wasted, kneeling at the throne.
by Dr. Foo November 26, 2008
1. Generic term for unappetizing breakfast cereal
2. Exclamation of dismay or disgust
3. Generic term for anything of poor quality, uappealing, undesired, etc.
1. Some "Continental Breakfast"--all they had was shitflakes and instant coffee.

2. Shitflakes! She still hasn't returned my call.

3. When I asked the boss for a raise, all I got was total shitflakes.
by Dr. Foo May 08, 2008
A plus size with big tits and big thighs
There's Marjorie--that's distant thunder
by Dr. Foo May 02, 2008

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