36 definitions by Dr. Foo

Funds used to pay prostitutes

Funds obtained from prostitution (the avails)
The governor kept his coochie cash in a secret account.

She paid off her loans with coochie cash.
by Dr. Foo May 31, 2008
A male underling who trys way too hard to please the female boss
If the boss stops quick, his nose will be way up her ass--the guy's a total thong string.
by Dr. Foo April 26, 2008
Literally, a backup singer who harmonizes with doo-dahs, doo-wops, shoop-shoops, sha-las, and the like--a minor figure, definitely not the lead singer. By extension, not the boss, kingpin or ringleader, but someone in the background, who "sings along", supports, assists, abets or worse.
The Chairman was calling the shots--everyone else was a doo-dah man.
by Dr. Foo May 16, 2009
A very attractive girl/woman, glamorous no matter what she wears or what she does.

What a glammie--angled bob and heels, sweats and a tee shirt, hair net and name tag--she is always hot.
by Dr. Foo March 08, 2009
A hottie's butt crack, when vertical
That girl got one smokin' six o'clock!
by Dr. Foo April 24, 2008
To lay a turd so large it will not flush and plugs the toilet, maybe causing it to overflow
Dude: You drop a plugger you plunge it.

Fat Skank: Bite me.
by Dr. Foo October 13, 2008
An alcoholic drink taken to steady the nerves
Old Alcoholic: The ex is stopping in today with her social worker--time for a little bracer.
by Dr. Foo July 15, 2008

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